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TOMY Screwball Scramble 2

TOMY Screwball Scramble 2

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Push your button-pushing, knob-turning, lever-sliding skills to the extreme!

Just like the original, Screwball Scramble 2 tests your coordination and concentration as you guide the metal ball through a series of playfully perilous obstacles using only a set of knobs, levers, and buttons.

Roll the ball up a fleet of zany, zig-zaggy steps. Guide it through a fascinating Ferris Wheel maze. Twist the corkscrew to keep it rolling, launch it up a ramp, and send it swirling down a vortex funnel.

Then, finally, to get to the end, you'll have to spring gloriously through the air from the catapult to land directly on the bell!

Getting from start to finish is an incredible challenge. But if you're still craving something more intense, also included is a bridge for attaching the Screwball Scramble 2 to the original Screwball Scramble, turning them both into one giant adrenaline-filled adventure!

Are your skills up to the task?

Screwball Scramble 2

  • Obstacle board game - maneuver the ball through obstacles the quickest
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, quick reaction time, logic
  • Full of interactive, visual excitement
  • Entire board controlled by turning knobs, pushing buttons, sliding levers
  • Features bridge for attaching to original Screwball Scramble
  • Original Screwball Scramble sold separately
  • Includes Screwball Scramble unit, game connector, 2 ball bearings
  • Detailed game rules included
  • Designed for 1 to 4 players - Beat your time or see who's fastest
  • No batteries required!
  • High-quality plastic and metal - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay
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